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Holy Trinity Spelling Bee

Over the past few weeks Holy Trinity has held its annual spelling bee. This year was another great success! On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 an award ceremony was held honoring the top three spellers from each grade level spelling bee including grades 1 – 6. The top three spellers from each grade were:

 Grade 1 -                                                                    Grade 4 -

1st Place:     Reagan Sudik                                            1st Place: Chloe Knittel

2nd Place:    Robbie Duray                                           2nd Place: Rafi Catacutan

3rd Place:    Owen Fay                                                  3rd Place: Faith Crislip


Grade 2 -                                                                    Grade 5 -

1st Place:     Adam Johnson                                         1st Place: Zoey Papanikolaou

2nd Place:    Charlie Castrilla                                       2nd Place: Nate Johnson

3rd Place:    Liam McConnell                                      3rd Place: Alex Temple


Grade 3 -                                                                    Grade 6 -

1st Place:     Madelaine Catacutan                                1st Place: Colin Farrell

2nd Place:    Lindsey Murphy                                     2nd Place: Molly Brian

3rd Place:    Madeline Roisman                                   3rd Place: Trent Scharff


Additionally, the school spelling bee was held Tuesday, February 7, 2017 including the top spellers from grades 7 and 8. The top three spellers at the school level were:


School Level -

1st Place:   Mark Kikta

2nd Place: Jacob E.

3rd Place:   Zeb Eldridge

Mark Kikta and Jacob E. will be moving on to the preliminary regional spelling bee. Congratulations!!