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High School Admissions

We are looking forward to and exciting year for the class of 2024! This graduating class has the privilege of leading our school. With 8th grade comes lots of responsibility but also a lot of fun. One of the highlights of the year is the high school selection process. Our 8th graders will be visiting various schools to help with this choice. I encourage parents to participate in open houses as we know our children best, sometimes better than they know themselves.
Catholic High School Directory
Please  Click Here for the 2023-2024 Directory from the ACAD
Shadow Days
High school is a time of growth and new relationships which is why we encourage autonomy in this process. We discourage large groups of students going on the same day to ensure the students have an authentic experience independent of peer influence. Large groups going on one day also makes the instruction here at school difficult. The high schools have all of the shadow information on their websites now so you are able to make these requests asap. We limit shadows per day to limit the amount of disruption to the school day.  We are asking that parents please call or email attendance to notify the office the morning of or via email the day before ([email protected]).  These are excused absences but students are required to make up all missed work just as they would normally do.  We ask that you do not schedule 2 days back to back or in the same week. You will notice that Thursday and Fridays are not available due to our block schedule.
High School Placement Testing
Aside from shadowing, if your child is planning to attend a Catholic High School they should be preparing for the HSPT (high school placement test) which is a required test at most of the high schools. Holy Trinity offers high school placement testing group tutoring sessions in September. Be aware that students can take the test multiple times if they are trying for an academic scholarship as most schools will accept scores from other high schools. (The minimum scholarship score for schools varies from school to school but is always greater than a 90) There are 2 things to keep in mind. Your child needs to take the test at the school he or she will be attending. If they are undecided they should take it at multiple schools. If you would like a high school to consider accepting a score from another school, you will need to contact the admissions department and send the score. The high schools do not share scores with anyone except you. They do not send a copy to HT. Aside from academic scholarships please be sure to look into other funding opportunities including the EdChoice Scholarship that is available at all of the local high schools and valued at over $9000.00 making a private secondary education more affordable than ever.

As we move through the high school application process we will guide you and provide all of the necessary forms needed. We will be communicating each step of the way. Applications do not come out until December so there is nothing you need to do in that regard right now. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to walking our 8th graders through this exciting time as they prepare for their next chapter.
We have listed the phone numbers and links for high schools to obtain more information about their admissions policies, shadow days, etc.
Avon- 440-934-6171Avon Lake- 440-933-6290
Elyria Catholic-(440) 365-1821 ext. 8606
Holy Name- 440-886-0300, ext. 100
Magnificat- 440-331-1572
Padua- 440.845.2444 ext. 123
Sheffield- 440-949-6181
St. Edward-(615) 833-5770
St. Ignatius- (216) 651-0222 ext. 215
St. Joe’s Academy- 216-251-6788
Westlake- 440.835.6352