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Alumni News

Our Holy Trinity alumnae continue to make us proud! 
National Honor Society Inductees (St. Ignatius HS) and HT Class of 2018:
Matthew Sullivan
Aidan Reilly
Dominic Opron
Sean Lawlor
Zeb Eldridge
National Honor Society Inductees (Magnificat HS) and HT Class of 2018:
Grace Fife
Clare Fox
Claire Harvey 
Abbey Havrilla
Kaitlyn Kemer
Maddie Norman
Catherine Wild
Elyria Catholic First Semester Honors 2022-2023:
   1st  Honors                        2nd Honors                         3rd Honors
   Gabriella Rodriguez '26      Grayson Kramer '24            Anthony Hutter '24    
   Alexander Rodriguez '26    Colin Keneally '23                Annaliese Evenden '24                                                   Graydon Rollins '24            Emerson Rollins '26                                                       Mark Boehm '25            
Saint Joseph Academy Academic Honors (GPA 3.3 or higher) or 3.7 (Freshmen) for First Semester 2022-2023
High Honors:                             Honors:
Abigail Campbell                         Ava Kappler
Reagan Casper                           Mary Kim
Madeline Catacutan
Rafi Catacutan                            
Audrey Dinger                             
Brianna Dinger                           
Emma Fox                                   
Sofia Kappler
Evelyn Maloof
Emma McConnell
Elizabeth Montag
Maeve Mullen
Madeline McNett
Elizabeth Papesch
Ava Reed
Cassandra Roisman
Madeline Roisman
Katherine Sandy
Megan Sandy
Cassidy Stalla
Lauren Weisenseel
St. Ignatius High School - First Semester 2022-202

Frank Adamo '24, First Honors 
Cole Amendola '23, Second Honors 
Gavin Anderson '23, Honors 
Nathan Ansberry '23, Honors 
Bodhi Bykowski '26 9 Second Honors 
Ashton Daher '23, Second Honors 
Christian Daher '25, Second Honors 
Kevin Doubler '25, First Honors 
Finn Eldridge '25, Honors 
Colin Farrell '23, First Honors 
Zachary Foley '23, First Honors 
Mason Hartley '25, Honors 
Braden Hilditch '23, Honors 
Brett Hilditch '26, Second Honors 
Owen Hobbs '23, Honors 
Ethan Inkrott '26, First Honors 
Matthew Joyce '26, Honors 
Charles Knittel Jr '23, Second Honors 
Connor Krewson '25, First Honors
Andrei Kunakowsky '26, First Honors 
Joseph Lally '23, Honors 
Ryan Lawlor '25, First Honors 
Evan Macecevic '26, Second Honors 
Connor Malicki '23, First Honors 
Patrick Martin '23, Second Honors 
Ryan McConnell '25, First Honors 
John McGuire '26, Second Honors 
Thomas McManamon '25, Second Honors 
George McNett '26,Honors 
Andrew Munro '24, Second Honors 
Michael Norman '23, First Honors 
Andrew Perez '25, Honors 
Michael Pompeani '25, Second Honors
John Riley '24 11 Honors 
William Riley '23, First Honors 
James Riley II '26, Second Honors 
Aiden Roche '26, First Honors 
Ryan Roche '24, Second Honors 
Brandon Rose '25, First Honors
Trent Scharff '23, Second Honors 
Ayden Schmitz '26, Second Honors 
Tyrus Seighman '25, Second Honors 
Charles Shmelter '26, Second Honors 
Peter Shmelter '24, Second Honors 
Timothy Shmelter '23, Second Honors 
Andrew Sidloski '26, First Honors 
Michael Swanson '24, Honors 
James Thomas '25, Second Honors 
Ryan Vo '25, First Honors 
Quinn Woidke '25, Honors 


Congratulations to the following alumni on being named National Merit Semifinalists: 
Mark Kikta (St. Ignatius)
Danny Mullen (St. Ignatius HS)
Andy Hoffman (St. Edward HS)
Jack Stalla (St. Edward HS)
Charlie Wendt (St. Ignatius HS)
Sean Patterson (St. Edward HS)