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Angel Scholarship

Last year, generous donations to the Angel Scholarship Fund (ASF) amounted to an inspiring $130,000, providing financial relief to all 92 students who applied at Holy Trinity School (HTS). These funds were instrumental in reducing tuition costs and ensuring that all students have access to faith-based education.


The ASF offers a unique opportunity to direct a portion of your Ohio state income taxes towards supporting HTS students. It's important to emphasize that this goes beyond a mere deduction—it's a tax credit! Every dollar donated translates into a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your state taxes owed, with a cap of up to $750 for a single tax filer, or $1,500 for a married couple filing jointly.


It's essential to recognize the profound impact of the ASF, especially in light of the existence of Ed Choice funding. While Ed Choice provides substantial assistance, some families may not qualify for significant support. The ASF serves as a vital supplemental resource for Holy Trinity. Our dream goal would be to reduce parent obligation to $0 as they have at St. Helen’s School! Click here to see St. Helen's School Story


With over 250 families in our school and 2200 households in our parish the sky's the limit. Help HTS reach our goal of 150 donors this year and all students will receive an extra day off at the end of Spring Break!


To donate to the ASF you can visit https://www.catholiccommunity.org/give/catholic-education/angel-scholarship-fund and select Holy Trinity - Avon - #54 or scan the QR code. Thank you for your continued support of HTS and your child(ren)'s Catholic education!


For more information about ASF, please consult with your tax advisor, contact Colleen Stalla, CPA for Holy Trinity Parish at [email protected] or 440-937-6420. You can also visit www.catholiccommunity.org/angel or call 216-902-1312.